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API version 1.5.0

This article explains the versioning scheme of the Profifact API and shows a historical overview of all versions of the Profifact API with the changes in each version.


  1. Versioning scheme
  2. Version history
    1. Version 1.5.0 - 2019-08-27
    2. Version 1.4.0 - 2017-01-23
    3. Version 1.3.0 - 2016-12-05
    4. Version 1.2.0 - 2016-07-28
    5. Version 1.1.0 - 2016-05-12
    6. Version 1.0.0 - 2016-02-03

Versioning scheme

Over time the Profifact API will change. New functionalities will be added and existing functionalities may be changed. To ensure that clients using old versions of the Profifact API are not cut off or fail to work correctly the Profifact service supports a versioning scheme that allows clients to communicate using older versions of the API.

The version number of the Profifact API consists of three components, a major version number, a minor version number and a maintenance version number (e.g. '1.0.0'). The major version number is unlikely to change very often. Major version updates include breaking changes that affect all clients.
Minor version updates will (hopefully) be more frequent as they include new functionalities and improvements of existing functionalities. Minor version updates may break existing client code for particular resources and request methods. Functionalities added in minor version updates may be made available in previous versions if adding those functionalities does not break existing implementations.
Maintenance version updates will primarily be used to fix issues such as bugs and security issues in the server software, but they will not cause changes in the API.

For all requests to the Profifact service (except for /support) clients are expected to set the X-Profifact-Version header to the version of the API they support. The service will use the version indicated by the client if possible. If that is not possible, or if the client sends an otherwise unsupported version number, the server returns HTTP status 403 Unauthorized. Clients may provide a full version number to indicate that they will only communicate using that particular version, but they may also omit the maintenance and minor version numbers. E.g.:

// The client supports only version 1.0.3:
X-Profifact-Version: 1.0.3

// The client supports all 1.0 maintenance releases:
X-Profifact-Version: 1.0

// The client supports all minor and maintenance releases of API version 1:
X-Profifact-Version: 1

Because supporting all minor releases is difficult and suppporting only a particular version cuts the client out of bugfixes, clients are encouraged to use the intermediate form by specifying both a major and a minor version number but no maintenance version number.

Version history

Version 1.5.0 - 2019-08-27

  • Adds support for the type attribute of invoice lines and offer lines. Line type REGULAR is used for regular lines with amount, price, description and VAT rate. Line type TEXT is used for text-only lines.

Version 1.4.0 - 2017-01-23

  • Implements retrieval of PDF versions of offers using the offers resource. See Retrieving an offer for more information. Also made available in previous versions.
  • Adds the offer mails resource allowing clients to send email messages with offers using the Profifact service. Also made available in previous versions.
  • Adds support for the X-Profifact-Euid request header allowing Profifact resellers and providers to make calls to the Profifact service on behalf of their users. Also made available in previous versions.

Version 1.3.0 - 2016-12-05

  • Adds the fileNameFormat field to the settings resource. Also made available in previous versions.
  • Adds the CLEARED payment method to the payments resource for settling invoices that are (partially) reversed and invoice reversals.

Version 1.2.0 - 2016-07-28

  • Adds the status HTTP GET parameters to the invoices and offers resources. They can be used to retrieve only invoices or offers that have a particular status.
  • Fixes an issue that caused the embedded document title and subject of reminder PDFs to be "Factuur" instead of "Aanmaning". This change affects only the metadata in the PDF files and is applied to all API versions.

Version 1.1.0 - 2016-05-12

  • Adds the defaultPaymentType field to the settings resource. Also made available in previous versions.
  • Adds the search GET parameter to retrieving customers allowing clients to search for customers based on user input. Also made available in previous versions.
  • Adds the customerId GET parameter to retrieving invoices, retrieving offers and retrieving reminders allowing clients to retrieve only invoices, offers and reminders for a particular customer. Also made available in previous versions.

Version 1.0.0 - 2016-02-03

  • Initial version of the Profifact API.